Back in the day, I used to think life coaches are BS – I mean, how arrogant is it that someone claims to be a coach of my life? And to add to my skepticism, I got burnt by one when I was desperate for guidance and clarity, and I absolutely felt taken advantage of my vulnerability.

So why is it that someone like me is a professional certified life coach now? Life continues to work wonders for us with a little wink. (You can read more about my story here if you’re curious.)

Because I decided not to judge the whole industry based on my one bad experience and assumptions. Because I do believe in the universal guidance and alignment. And because I got passed the label and paid attention to what life coaching actually is. And ironically, what it is has been exactly what I needed and then some – tools and skills to remove obstacles and transform ourselves and our lives for the better. It’s about creating the life you want and showing up as who you are authentically. This stuff takes courage, but the process is so powerful, it’s worth trusting in.

Being a life coach has nothing to do with being arrogant. It’s quite the opposite – it’s humbling. Being a witness to your inner light and power is awe-inspiring, and if you don’t see it, I’ll not only help you connect with it, I’ll celebrate it with you. As a heart-centered entrepreneur or small business owner, you’ve already taken steps toward living your dream. But I know it can be challenging, overwhelming and even scary at times on many different levels, and you’re not alone. I am here to provide you a safe, nonjudgmental and transformative healing space to support you.

Here are some things you might benefit from working with me:

  • reconnecting with your best self and your core values
  • gaining awareness and clarity of yourself and why you do what you do – so you can do more of what’s working and less of what’s not working for you
  • learning how to honor your needs, set healthy boundaries and prioritize yourself without feeling self-centered
  • overcoming fear and letting go of limiting beliefs and behaviors that are no longer serving you, creating more space for healing, self-empowerment, and growth to take place
  • reducing overwhelm so you can focus on what matters to you and feel energized
  • accountability to achieve your goals.
  • feeling supported and cared about. I believe in you even when you can’t. I want you to thrive to create a ripple effect in the world, and your powerful presence is much needed.

The best for us to get started is to connect. As my gift for you, I’ll give you 30 minutes of my undivided attention and energy for you to get crystal clear on any area of your life as a heart-centered entrepreneur or small business owner. You can also find more about way of working with me here.