“China: Through the Looking Glass” Photo Tour | The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Part 1 of 4

It all started with one exhibition back in Tokyo, where I grew up. I was 15. It was all about the costumes from Coppola's Bram Stoker’s Dracula. I loved this movie so dearly that I watched it in the movie theater six times, despite Keanu Reeves’ questionable acting. 

At the exhibit, I stood in tears in awe right in front of these costumes so intricate and so divine. And when I found out that it was all designed by a Japanese female advertising art director named Eiko Ishioka, I was in shock. Remember, this was a couple of decades ago when that kind of role models did not come around that easily. So there it is. At that moment, I decided to become an art director.

To this day, I get super excited to attend a costume exhibit. Especially if it's compared to the epic 2011's "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty," that I obsessively visited repeatedly. And this one did not disappoint at all either. Curated by Andrew Bolton, this exhibition brought me back to the day that I dared to dream.

So I want to take you on the photo tour. Hopefully, it will travel to different cities for people all over the world to enjoy in person.

“China: Through the Looking Glass”

It's the largest exhibit in the Costume Institute’s history, spread over three floors and sixteen galleries. This exhibit is about how Chinese culture has inspired and influenced Western fashion. 


First Floor

Second Floor

“Empire of Signs”

“Anna May Wong”

First Chinese-American movie star to gain international recognition.

“Export Silk”

Jean Paul Gaultier dress

Pretty Room


Christian Dior for House of Dior

The photo tour continues to Part 2.