If you're in the city this long weekend, go visit the High Bridge!

The reopening of the High Bridge seemed to have been the very exciting topic in our neighborhood last month.

Without knowing much about it, my hubs, our pibble and I tagged along with our neighbor friends to check it out a couple of weekends ago. Yes, I’m very delayed in posting about it and I definitely need to get better at sorting my pictures and sharing them on the timely matter. I mean, how many #TBT posts can I get away with that are just not quite throwing back far enough? 

Back to the High Bridge. It's the oldest standing bridge that connects Manhattan to the Bronx for pedestrians and cyclists. It was just closed for... 45 YEARS!!! No wonder that my neighbors were excited to see it reopen! And it was exciting! 

We entered from 172nd Street and Amsterdam Avenue though Highbridge Park and found curious installation.


Look! Something shiny!

It's made out of potato chips bags!

Our pibble Prince refused to sit on top of the SIT chair. "I don't want to be that predictable dog model." said the dog.

We walked down the long staircase to the bridge level. 

Yay! High Bridge is open again!

Every time we took a walk here before, this whole area was blocked off, so we had no idea this beautiful view was hidden.

The bridge is a little over 2,000 feet in length, and 140-feet high.

It stretches over Harlem River. 

We got to the Bronx side. If I weren't taking pictures every step of the way, it would have been the quickest trip to the Bronx from Manhattan!

Kids were playing with water from a fire hydrant. Our dog didn't want to mess up his good fur day, so didn't show interest in jumping in. Another missed photo opp.

This is looking toward the Manhattan side. We are now hungry and turning back. We're ready for dinner!

Approaching Highbridge Water Tower. Do you see the blimp getting dangerously close to the tower? It got even closer. It was like an action movie!

Working out before dinner.

I'm so happy that we have yet another beautiful spot to visit uptown. I highly recommend it if you're in the city this weekend. 

For more info, visit their website.