Li Na's Retirement

As I was working on my very delayed post about Jeff Koons in NYC, the news came in. Given the nature of this rough year, I was not surprised that this would happen but still felt very sad. So sad that I literally teared up on the subway that a gentleman sitting in front of me gave me a concerned look.

Li Na retired.

Check out her letter posted on her FB page here.

I have to be honest, even as a female tennis player myself, I had not been that interested in watching women’s tennis until I came across Li Na. She is beautiful, strong and seems so comfortable being who she is, which is a rare find these days. She quickly became my role model, a much-needed fellow Asian female who doesn’t rely on being thin and cute.

I really looked forward to seeing her up close every year at the US Open. So when I found out that she wasn’t going to be a part of this year’s, due to her knee injury, I was extremely disappointed. Little did I know, this would be my last time seeing her play in 2013. The following pictures are from Day 1, Li Na defeats Olga Govortsova in 2013.Li Na's Retirement

The following pictures are from 2012, Day 1, Li Na [9] defeats Heather Watson (GBR).

As sad as I feel, I applaud her for putting herself first. It must be so difficult to let go, but once again, she inspires me with actually acting on what she thinks is right. You know coming up with what's right to do is easy, but following through on it is another story entirely. It’s so easy to conform and convince one’s self that everything is fine when everything is not. It’s so hard to break out of a situation that you have gotten so accustomed to, even though you know you’re not happy with it. Even in her retirement, she inspires me with her courage. I wish her the best of luck and look forward to finding out her next chapter. THANK YOU, Li Na for being so cool.