Rei Perovic, CPC (pronounced Ray Perovich) is a certified professional Life Coach and Reiki Master Teacher from Japan in NYC. Rei is certified through the extensive in-person training with the Coaching for Transformation program with the Leadership that Works organization at the New York Open Center. She also completed Reiki 1, 2 and Master training with 70-hour outside practicum with Michelle Shinagawa. Rei continued to study with Geordie Numata as his first Reiki Master Teacher apprentice with the emphasis on enlightenment. Rei volunteers her Reiki service at Harm Reduction Educators, helping people with a history of drug addiction, HIV positive, mental illness in LGBT and/or homeless communities. Rei practices self-care and meditation daily and is committed to a lifetime of learning.

Her mission is to support people with a self-rediscovery journey in finding the light again in them and beyond. The light that guides their path even when it seems dark. The light that fuels their passion. And the light that sheds on the possibilities that they didn’t know existed.

Rei is also a translator of the book, Sushi Chef: Sukiyabashi Jiro by Shinzo Satomi published by Vertical, Inc, from Japanese to English. She’s the Founder, Brand and Business Coach of Gem Seven Studio, helping heart-centered entrepreneurs and small businesses create authentic marketing messages and branding, using 17 years of experience an art director in global advertising agencies. She is passionate about creating a positive ripple effect.

When practicing Reiki at home, she has a powerful purring feline partner named Zoe and a sweet Pit Bull companion named Prince, who spreads right next to the massage table and snores blissfully. Rei’s dedication to animals leads to giving them Reiki on a regular basis. She’s also a member of the animal rescue team at the Distant Healing Network.

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Reiki System of Natural Healing is a non-invasive, gentle, yet powerful method of healing technique. It never causes harm. Reiki practice is not a cure for a disease. It does not replace medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, but is a great complement to both traditional and alternative medicine. Reiki is widely practiced in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Reiki treatment is not a religious practice. It’s not a massage, either. So what is it? Please check out my Why Reiki? page or FAQs page to learn more. I’m here to help, feel free to email me at [email protected] or text or call at 347.509.6455 with any questions.